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My first post

OK... I've been wanting to try blogging for a while now, so lets see how this goes. Today I am trying to transition from the "Thanksgiving" mode to the "Christmas" mode. I did get my tree set up, but not decorated. Maybe I'll get that done later tonight or tomorrow. I have so much to be thankful for, so I will take my attitude of gratitude into the new season. I am blessed with a husband who loves and provides for me... three wonderful sons... two beautiful daughters-in-law... (and a sweet hopeful)... five precious grandbabies... I'm surrounded by a loving extended family and friends that are as rare as gems... I am thankful for my home... my health... my hope in Jesus Christ, who is the love of my life... and all of the perks that go with living a godly life! Speaking of friends... I must go - as I have promised a friend I would attend a gathering at her house tonight. Blessings and hugs...