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My Life

Life... My Life... sometimes feels like an event that I am trying to get the "best" seats for. Like a really great screen play - and I don't want to miss a moment. However, I seem to continually be interrupted and called elsewhere - while My Life rolls on. It seems that everyone else's dilemmas and criteria demand my attention and there is little time left to attend to my Story.  I finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy a few minutes of this great saga recently; hoping to catch up - to see what I had missed. Turns out - somewhere along the line I turned 51 - commemorated 35 years of marriage - and observed my 44th Spiritual Birthday. It would seem that any one of these occasions would have called for a moment of reflection - I really should remember something outstanding about one of those beatific days. Evidently, I had stepped out of the room - attending to something else - when those monumental segments of My Life flickered past. Unfortunately, I'll never g