Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Life

Life... My Life... sometimes feels like an event that I am trying to get the "best" seats for. Like a really great screen play - and I don't want to miss a moment. However, I seem to continually be interrupted and called elsewhere - while My Life rolls on. It seems that everyone else's dilemmas and criteria demand my attention and there is little time left to attend to my Story. 
I finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy a few minutes of this great saga recently; hoping to catch up - to see what I had missed. Turns out - somewhere along the line I turned 51 - commemorated 35 years of marriage - and observed my 44th Spiritual Birthday. It would seem that any one of these occasions would have called for a moment of reflection - I really should remember something outstanding about one of those beatific days. Evidently, I had stepped out of the room - attending to something else - when those monumental segments of My Life flickered past.
Unfortunately, I'll never get another chance for those scenes to be re-played. They're gone... in the past. There will not be a second showing. Those moments of My Life that I have not been "present" in were precious and valuable. 
I pray that God will give me wisdom for my future. Wisdom to attend to what is important rather than what is urgent. Wisdom to be present in every moment of this wonderful life God has given me. 
Starring in "My Life" is Jeff, my amazing husband... who takes care of me as if I were still the 16 year old girl he married. My three sons... Brocc, Cortt and Kyle - who continually enrich my story. My two daughters-in-love... Amanda and Randi - who add beauty and depth to this epic. My grandsons... Elijah and Logan - who create déjà vu moments regularly - that take my breath away. My granddaughters... Cortney, Sydney and Juliana - three little princesses- who fill a void deep inside me I didn't even know existed.  
Each member of my family are the characters in my story - yet at the same time - we're all a part of the audience. 
I care deeply about how this chronicle will play out. Is there a happy ending? Does everyone survive the traumas, dramas and action? I need not obsess about the grand finale... because my screenwriter is the best. He is the author and the finisher of my Faith. He has a perfect plan for my future and a great explanation for my past... so I'm in good hands. We all are. I just need to be more attentive - stay put - and enjoy every set - every scene - and every verse of this script... My Life... My Wonderful Life.