Monday, April 15, 2019

The Garden Awaits

The Garden was quiet.  Daylight was fading. The sun was slowly sliding towards the horizon. Resplendent beauty radiated from every corner of the Garden. However, the Creator was oblivious to the grandeur around Him. He stood alone in this plot of paradise for the first time since He had created Man. No one greeted Him that day as He entered. No outstretched hands welcomed Him. No glittering eyes waited eagerly to share the events of the day. 

The curse of sin had fallen, 
like a guillotine; 
severing the innocent, loving relationship 
between Man and Maker. 

It was a sad day. Communion was shattered. The Garden would never be the same. Gone were the brilliant mornings, filled with wonder. Gone were the timeless evenings of fellowship. Adam and Eve were banished and could never return. In fact the Garden stood empty for years.

The Garden was quiet.  Daylight was fading. The sun was slowly sliding towards the horizon.
The Master was alone again, except for the three sleeping disciples. He had already roused them once, but they slept on. 

He walked deeper 
into the Garden and wept. 
He intensely desired 
to bring them one last time 
to this Garden retreat, 
where they had met so often. 
He had planned to 
pray with them - to prepare them. 

The sleeping men had no idea that moments later, soldiers would take away their Lord. In the days ahead mobs would cry out for Him to be crucified and false witnesses would concoct ruthless lies. They would not be prepared for the sight of their Lord yielding his hands and feet to the nails of a cross. The Garden where they lay dreaming would burst into a living nightmare just any second now.  When He cried, “It is finished”, they would not understand His death. They would never realize what they lost, by sleeping in the Garden.

The Garden was quiet. Daylight was just peeking over the horizon - when suddenly an angel appeared! The guards patrolling the tomb fell to the ground in fear as the stone rolled away from the sepulcher.The ground shook as Jesus stepped into the Garden again. In His hand were the keys to Death, Hell, and the Grave! 

Communion was restored!  
Sin and the serpent were defeated! 
Jesus Christ would reign forever!

When Mary arrived - and saw the angels in the vacated tomb - her grieving heart and tearful eyes blinded her vision. She turned to leave as panic threatened to choke the breath from her. When she saw Him, she mistook Jesus for a gardener, and begged Him to tell her where her master was.  (John 20:14-15)

The Garden is quiet. It awaits each morning, fresh with new mercy. All who enter can enjoy sweet fellowship with the Lily of the Valley - the Rose of Sharon - the Morning Star! 

An hour in the Garden 
is strength to the weary mind, 
bread to the hungry heart,
water to the thirsty soul. 

One hour in the Garden with Jesus can bring healing to the hurting and comfort to the lonely. How long you stay and how often you come is your choice. 

He will always be there, 
craving His time with you 
- uninterrupted time - 
an audience of one. 

He desires to take you deep into the Garden to places you’ve never been. You may not recognize Him - if life has distorted your vision; you may think He couldn't possibly be your master - with calamity and chaos cluttering your mind. Don't run away - it is Him! Close your eyes, take His hand… the Garden awaits!