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He Loves Me!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow! I had to smile and stare - because - well, let me explain... if you know anything about this area of NC - we RARELY get snow. I LOVE getting snowed in! There is just something about the feeling of coziness when snow or ice has shut the whole world out and I can stay inside - make a pot of soup and some cornbread or yeast rolls! Everything shuts down here when it snows, so I don't have any errands to run or stores to visit... no one drops in unexpected - so I can stay in my pj's all day if I want to! We have such mild winters here, so we only get severe weather every few years. Just two weeks ago we got over six inches of snow that stayed around for three days - BUT I WAS IN LOUISIANA and missed it! I was so disappointed... and then I heard they were calling for snow this week. Everyone was doubtful because we rarely get snow twice in one winter! So I told my friends and family - if it snows again - you can just tell yoursel