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Wow... its almost May!

Time is racing by and I haven't blogged in quite a while. I'm staying busy being a full-time college student and working part-time as a security consultant along with my pastor's wife/music/speaking/responsibilities... enjoying the warming weather - an incredible new deck my husband has built for me around our pool (after much begging/groveling! ha) - spending some quality time with my sister Pattie and her family while they visit - excited about the camper we just bought (that I have been "talking" my husband into buying for years!) and looking forward to some down time in the near future... In a nutshell - I guess I could say I am getting a lot of things accomplished that I have dreamed about (with my schooling) and getting a few of my wishes granted (deck and camper) too! Maybe its because I'm turning 50 in May and my honey is just trying to be extra nice... I'm not sure - just VERY happy! I am so grateful for the life God has blessed me with - family,