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It's Christmas!

We read His story this morning... my beautiful family sat in our living room with presents waiting under the tree. It was our eldest son, Brocc's turn to read the Christmas story from Luke as our five wonder-eyed grandbabies sat patiently listening to their favorite story. Baby Jesus is their hero in my olive wood Nativity set that I allow them to play with. My dad prayed a blessing upon our family and for those less fortunate... for our men and women serving on the battlefields in the middle east; while the children squeezed their eyes tightly shut - knowing that when they heard us all say "Amen" - they could rip into their stack of presents! I love this time of year, when family and friends gather and shower love. Its the one time of the year when you feel free to express gratitude and loving expressions to those you hold dear, without feeling you're being too mushy and sentimental. The leftovers are all stashed in the refrigerator and the wrapping paper and boxes h