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I woke up to cheerful birds singing this morning and remembered  an entry in my Gratitude Journal several years ago...  so I dug it out and decided to share it here. Today I am thankful for seasons - I love them all! I can never decide which is my favorite - Winter, Spring or Fall -  Oh maybe Summer in its radiance - toasting, melting, sweet - I enjoy the lazy evenings and walking in bare feet. But then the first fall morning dawns with a hint of crispness in the air and I'm sure I'd move to "Autumn" if I could make my residence there! The brilliant leaves and shrubs - the pumpkins and scarecrows - Fall festivals and candied apples - Tom Turkey - but don't you know... It happens late one autumn night - the temperature drops way down and old Jack Frost shows up to quietly paint the town.  Then I'm hooked - 'cause Winter's come and brought the Christmas Spirit! Oh yes, this season is so grand, with coats and hats and mittens! Fudge and