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My sweet daddy

It's my parent's fault - I am WHO I am because of "them". I have written about my mom (that's where the whole "Ribbons of Blue" story came from)... and I'll probably write about her again, but today I reflect on my daddy. He has had incredible influence upon who I have become. If you know him, you're probably shaking your head right now, thinking, "Yep, Wanda is so much like her dad." But let me regress... I have been shocked, scared, surprised and scripturally punished by Stanley B more times than you can imagine! Yes, I mean "shocked" as in electricity SHOCKED! This man is brilliant. He worked around live electricity, so he was fully aware of the line between "dangerous" and "hilarious". As a kid, you're not expecting your dad to zap you when he says, "Come and hold this wire for me so I can get this cap on." His favorite party starter was to load a condenser out of a car with several charge