Monday, August 31, 2020

If the Shoe Fits

My husband is a window shopper. Yes, my friend, he can walk thru the entire mall and never make a purchase. Never enter a store. Unless he's on a mission, he's just looking. 
Fortunately, shopping is not a passion of mine; and we have stayed married over 45 years! I might dodge in a store occasionally then catch up to him; but here's my point; 
If I was to see a pair of shoes in the window - I wouldn’t walk in and buy those shoes without doing my due diligence!
    • Do you have those in a size 8?
    • May I try them on?

There is nothing more miserable than walking around in a pair of shoes that don’t fit right. No matter how cute they are!
    Well, maybe there is something worse -
    • If your life is not fitting into your reason for being on this earth - you might be miserable 
    • If you are not passionate about what you are doing on this planet but living day in and day out going against your gut and your passion.
    • Yes... that would definitely be sad.


What is passion: a reflection of who you are - what you enjoy - who you want to be around - maybe a hobby or activity you lose all sense of time because you enjoy it so much. 

  • What do you really LOVE to do?
  • Stop a second and think about what you enjoy so much - you would do it every day with no pay
  • When you are NOT working within your passion - the energy you expend depletes and drains you.

BUT when you are doing something within your passion - the energy and excitement fires you up!


Scientist, botanist, biologist - they can tell us the purpose for every living thing on the earth. 

Yes there is a purpose for bats, frogs, snakes and spiders!

Bumblebees, bacteria and dandelions!

Our spiritual purpose is to DRAW ALL MEN TO JESUS CHRIST.

Our personal purpose - we each have to find. 

Just like our shoes - it has to FIT!

Some of us have high arches - weak ankles - bunions.

My shoes might not be as cute as yours - but they FIT me!

Here's a hint.

There are three main parameters of reasoning for all life to exist.

1- to add value to people in this generation and future generations.

2- to learn and grow

3- to enjoy the journey of personal growth

Your purpose has to fit into those three categories...

Your purpose MUST be about others - not about you - if you want to live within the highest possible existence.

  • What you CHOOSE to believe about your purpose needs be positive and powerful.

Just believing your LIFE HAS a purpose is important! 

1- To have meaning in life - life has to mean something! 

2- To feel fulfilled in your life - you must FULFILL your purpose and mission!

3- GIVING and SERVING with a pure heart is ultimate satisfaction.

4- You must believe you deserve goodness. 

GIVING MAKES US FEEL GOOD ABOUT RECEIVING - if we do it with a pure heart! 

Imagine going to a POTLUCK. If you show up with nothing and everyone was supposed to bring a dish- you feel weird about eating; sort of guilty. 

BUT if you showed up with a GENEROUS portion of an amazing dish- and everyone is raving about how awesome your contribution was - you feel like tasting everyone’s food!

LIFE is a POTLUCK! What are YOU bringing to the table?

5- It takes emotional energy to stay motivated. So, remember - if you have the RIGHT MOTIVE you can STAY MOTIVATED! 

So, believe this... 

YOU are necessary! 

YOU have a purpose - or you wouldn’t still be here!

Here's a healthy project for your homework:

Do you have a personal mission statement? 

Write one! What is your purpose? 

Here's my example:

"My name is Wanda Chavis. 

My purpose is to educate and inspire women - 

to be courageous and proactive in their spiritual, 

physical and mental health." 

Isaiah 35: 3-4

Strengthen the weak hands,

And make firm the feeble knees.

Say to those who are fearful-hearted,

“Be strong, do not fear!

Behold, your God will come with vengeance,

With the recompense of God;

He will come and save you.”

How to find your passion