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Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning was a blast! My heart is so full of warm and fuzzy feelings today. My honey bought me a new wedding set... and a Spa pass for some much needed pampering! I'm so in love with him! And these babies were just precious. (Picture: Praying before we opened presents... ok... some of us were peeking.) Its our tradition to read the Christmas story and pray before we open presents. I let the babies all hold a piece of the nativity set... Cortney chose Mary... Elijah chose a lamb and Logan chose Baby Jesus. They were so excited - and as each of their characters were mentioned in the scripture - I had them hold up their little olive wood piece. Such wonderful memories! God is just too good to me! I got up early and baked Christmas morning rolls and sausage - then cooked the traditional Christmas lunch... Turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. My mom, sister and brother brought in the sides and desserts... it was truly a superb day! I hope you too had a Merry Christmas!
Pa-Rum-Pa-Pa-Pum Poor little drummer boy. I know how you feel I've shopped til I dropped For gifts to appeal I found just the right thing But found out he had it So back to the mall I'll have to return it What can I wrap? What gift will give merit? What can I buy? What really says it? Would it be different If I had lots of money? Or would my gift still seem small Insignificant and puny? Those that I love Deserve more than a gift Purchased and wrapped "To You from Me" on it. If they heard me say somber Like the little boy drummer "I have no gift to bring" Would they smile like the savior? If I played them a song Of my love and devotion And let my love go Like the wind on the ocean With nothing to hold it No paper or ribbons Just my eyes and my heart And the moments I give them... - Wanda Chavis - Dec. 2006 -
My hat


Well, so much for daily blogging. As soon as I got the blog set up my account got locked. I guess it was some sort of protection - but they had to review my site and make sure I'm not using it for spam??? Anyway, here I am, neck deep in the "hurry up, its almost Christmas" mode. Yes, I am one of those folks that need more than 365 days to get ready for the BIG day. I have done better this year than others, but nonetheless I have a few things left to do before I can say that I am "ready". I absolutely LOVE the holidays! The decorations, the music - it all still fascinates me! I am still a child at heart. I cannot WAIT! I have already let my grandbabies open presents. Its just too much anticipation! Giving is one of the most gratifying things I have ever experienced. It saddens me that Christmas has become such a stressful time for families that feel like its all about how much they'll have to spend. Its not all about monetary gifts... but the spirit of giving

My first post

OK... I've been wanting to try blogging for a while now, so lets see how this goes. Today I am trying to transition from the "Thanksgiving" mode to the "Christmas" mode. I did get my tree set up, but not decorated. Maybe I'll get that done later tonight or tomorrow. I have so much to be thankful for, so I will take my attitude of gratitude into the new season. I am blessed with a husband who loves and provides for me... three wonderful sons... two beautiful daughters-in-law... (and a sweet hopeful)... five precious grandbabies... I'm surrounded by a loving extended family and friends that are as rare as gems... I am thankful for my home... my health... my hope in Jesus Christ, who is the love of my life... and all of the perks that go with living a godly life! Speaking of friends... I must go - as I have promised a friend I would attend a gathering at her house tonight. Blessings and hugs...