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Radiation... this is therapy?

OK... I made it through. 33 days of radiation is not my idea of "therapy". At first, I'm thinking... "hey this isn't so bad. Just go in every day at 1:00 - lay down for a 10 minute break - get to know some really cool people - hey - this ain't so bad after all!" Around about the 20th day, and almost overnight, things changed. My skin broke down really fast and the fatigue set in. The last two weeks I've had to live on pain meds just to cope... I can hardly bear to wear clothes due to the soreness... and then I've never been so tired in all my life. No energy. No desire to do anything - go anywhere - see anyone. Just going to my treatment and to church has been all I can handle. Thank God I'm done. I know God is going to restore my health, strength and energy. I am so thankful for my family being so patient with me and allowing me the space and time to just rest and deal with this crud. I know I can make it... I've found the can in cancer