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Fresh Baked Mercy!

Lamentations 3:21-23 has always been in my Top Ten Favorite scripture passages.  When I read this chapter yesterday in my Daily reading... I heard Jeremiah speaking to me directly! For the first time, I realized just how amazing these three verses are, when you understand the full setting of the entire passage.  Jeremiah laments for 20 verses about his present situation. He is experiencing horrid affliction; he is in a very dark place at this point in his life spiritually and physically.  He believes that God's hand has turned against him; he has multiple broken bones; he's been walled in by bitterness, pain and sorrow as well as literal stone walls; he feels like everyone has ganged up on him - including God; he's bound with heavy chains and shackles; God has obviously shut out his cries and prayers - literally locked him up and thrown away the key; he feels like he's been tracked down and attacked- by God! Like a bear or a lion - he's been mauled and ripped

The Power of Two

Two is an interesting number. Its the only Even Prime number. (Remember prime numbers?  A number that can only be divided by itself and 1).   Its so cool how God gave us two of a bunch of things. Two arms to hug with. Two legs to walk in the right direction. Two  eyes so we can see the beauty and love around us - t wo  ears so we can hear whats going on from any direction.  Oh yes, one is the loneliest number,  but TWO! Well -  Its sort of romantic! Just think of all the idioms about "two"... Two peas in a pod Bicycle built for Two  It takes Two to tango Two heads are better than one (Well… actually - anything  with  two heads is kind of weird) Okay, so I have to admit -  "Two" isn’t always so romantic! There’s the terrible Twos There’s my Two cents Two left feet And Two way streets Two sides to every story You know - Two can play the same game You can take someone down a peg or Two There’s Two-timers and  Two-faced people  A