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January Joys

Just plodding along through the first month of the year. I was hoping that I would be a more frequent blogger... but maybe I'll get better at it. This year our church theme is "Revival of Passion" - something God has been dealing with me about for a while now. Passion is so vital to success. If you really LOVE something and BELIEVE... it shows. Music has always been an important part of my life, however, for several years I have not been as involved as I once was. For at least five years, I had not had the burden of the music dept. on me, since my son and daughter-in-law were the Music Ministers. I still enjoyed singing and playing the organ, but I didn't really learn much new music, since I depended on the kids to do all of that. Well... God has put me back in the drivers seat - the kids are evangelizing now - and I am once again having to search for music... learn songs... teach choir parts, etc. I have gone into this "kicking and screaming" - complaining

My Baby's Birthday

Today my "baby" turns 23 years old. Twenty three years ago he and I came very near to death. Thanks be to God and doctors, we both survived. However, I will never forget the trauma and the drama... Kyle wasn't due to arrive until the end of January, but he went into fetal distress while I was hooked up to a monitor at my Dr.'s Office. Coincidence? NO... I know that God had his hand on Kyle even then. Things went very wrong during an emergency c-section, and I wound up in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for three days. But prayer was made... and here we are - 23 years later - with God still protecting, providing, intervening and guiding! My children have enriched my life so incredibly. I was a baby having babies... and I'm sure I made many mistakes while trying to raise them... but God's promises are sure and His word will never fail. I am blessed. My children are blessed. Kyle is still my baby. Still single, living at home. Its exciting to know God has a maste

Satisfaction of Accomplishment

There are not many things in life that bring true satisfaction. For me accomplishing a task that has been hanging over my head ranks right up there with "Death By Chocolate Dessert" in the satisfaction category. I am a list maker and I love the gratification I feel when I can truly mark something off my "to do" list as DONE! After working all week on several projects I was able to scratch them off my list tonight, because I FINISHED them! They're complete! Of course I still have a page full of other things to work on next week; but just knowing that I accomplished several important projects this week is so gratifying! I have been thinking a lot this week about the things Jesus went through before His death. All the suffering... the betrayal... it was all necessary so that WE could use His life and His reactions to life as our example. (How do we treat someone who betrays us? Just look at how Jesus treated Judas and Peter.) And then, His last words before He died

Who's in charge of us grandparents?

2007! Wow... My life seems to have shifted into fifth gear and is literally speeding by. My baby will be 23 in a few days... My oldest son turns 30 this year. Am I old enough for these things to be happening to me? Has anyone considered that I may not be mature enough to have five grandchildren? What if I am too silly? What if I'm doing this all wrong. Shouldn't I be more sophisticated by now? Isn't there some sort of protocol I should have been taught? I don't know. I just think that I'm having way too much fun. I don't see anyone else smiling fondly at me; saying, "You're such a cute mawmaw" but that's what Cortney says. No one else wants to spend Sundays with me, but Elijah does. No one else squeals and runs to embrace me EVERY time they see me... but Logan does. I don't know why Sydney likes the song I sing to her... no one else gurgles and coos when I sing it over and over again. Juliana can't tell me why she likes that noise I mak

Happy New Year!

What an amazing New Year's Eve Service we had. I am so thankful for the family of God! I am humbled by the fullness of joy that I feel when I am among them. Our theme for the new year is "Revival of Passion". I truly want to be passionate about every aspect of my life, both spiritual and physical. I want to do everything with "heart and passion". I want to be a passionate Christian, friend, mother, wife, sister, daughter and grandmother. I can understand why God hates apathy. I don't want to be a person that has no depth of feeling. Even if I'm accused of being dramatic - and I know I am - at least I won't be accused of being boring. I want to bring LIFE to every party. To bring excitement to every encounter. I want to FEEL - LAUGH - SING - DREAM - HUGE!!! OK... now that's off my chest. Have a passionate year!