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Happy New Year!

A clean page. Untouched. No mistakes. No white-out smudges. Fresh. Sparkling new. 2009! January is always a time to reflect on the past year and anticipate the new one. I spent New Year's Eve in the wonderful presence of God - then had breakfast (at 1 AM) in the presence of precious friends. Its been a long time since Jeff and I stayed out til 3 AM - but the laughter and friendship held us longer than we planned. Looking at my 2009 calendar gives me goose bumps. God has placed so many opportunities in my path. I want to fulfill His purpose in each of them. I need His Grace and Mercy to accomplish that. I am under no delusions as to WHY I have these invitations and opportunities... All that is good in me... All that is valuable in my life - comes from HIM. Last night our ministers and their wives gathered for communion and footwashing. I felt so blessed and unworthy and the same time. To be included in such an awesome group of men and women... to be a part of mentoring their minist