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Insignificant Toe

Reading through the Old Testament each year makes me grateful I was born in this dispensation of Grace. I often feel sorry for the prophets whose lives were directed by God as analogies of His impending judgment upon Israel. However, lately, I have wondered if God may be directing my life as an analogy as well. Recently, at a private retreat - I was doing water aerobics - trying to be healthy and take care of my body. I was feeling good about my commitment to start each day with exercise. I didn’t realize how close to the pool’s edge I had drifted until the cement steps and my right foot connected! I knew by the excruciating pain and the audible crunch, that something was broken! After accessing the situation, I thought, “Thank God it wasn’t one of my important toes!” I felt like it could have been worse - because it wasn’t my big toe - or even my pinky toe... it was the "this little piggy had roast beef" toe. However, the pain from that insignificant broke