Monday, July 27, 2020


Butch was 12 years older than me –

The same day I graduated from kindergarten - he graduated from high school later that evening. 
Pattie was 10 years my senior and she was the spoiler.
But it was Butch's goal in life to make sure I did not grow up to be a brat... so we have him to thank him for my humility and grace.

He taught me so many things. 
He taught me to be thoughtful and considerate.
He taught me that whatever I did, should be done with excellence. 
He taught me to eat all the mashed potatoes off the spoon and not savor them one lick at a time. 
He made sure to remind me that just because I was the baby of the family did not give me special privileges in his book - (although he rewrote his book as we got older and became best friends).
Oh the many conversations we’ve had where he would vent - pour out his heart and describe all the details of his woes.
I would listen - carefully ask questions to make sure I understood it all - and tell him to get his big boy britches on and deal with it.
I will miss those conversations. 
Hearing about his travels and expeditions.
Hearing about his new challenges with the Tribes.
I’ll miss his sweet potato soufflĂ© at Thanksgiving and Christmas - his gumbo at family reunions and his practical jokes he loved to play on any new member of the family. 
He was a wordsmith and we will all miss hearing him preach as only he could. He was sensitive to God and his heart was bigger than life. 
I am so grateful for the memories and for the hope that one day we will be together forever. I am grateful that he is no longer suffering in his body... no longer a covid patient - no longer struggling to breathe  -because he is in the presence of the one who gave us all breath. 
I want to thank my family for your support and love - and thank all our friends who prayed and believed with us for his miraculous healing. 
He did receive it - it simply came in a different package than we had hoped - but nonetheless it came 
And I am grateful for this wonderful man I was privileged to call my brother. He loved God - loved his wife and family - and loved me. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Help Me!

 Help me!

Life was probably more hectic and painful than it had ever been. Most of our days were spent back and forth from the hospital. My dad was in end-stage heart and kidney failure. Watching him struggle and knowing he was nearing the end of his days; we were determined he would never be alone. 

We took turns spending the nights with him and worried about our little momma; who would rarely leave his bedside. 

I breathed a sigh of relief as I settled into my recliner on this particular evening; I needed to unwind before I could go to bed. I had caught a glance at several texts from the kids and needed to read them more thoroughly. 

We had five grandchildren and loved all the little pictures and videos their parents sent throughout the day. I giggled as I watched a video from Amanda. Their youngest daughter Sydney was strumming a pink guitar and singing her little heart out. 

I showed my husband, Jeff,  and we watched it several times. Although we couldn’t make out the words, it was no doubt the most adorable thing we’d ever seen! I responded with a short text back to Amanda, “How precious! What is she singing?” 

I began thinking about Amanda being home alone with the girls. Cortt was evangelizing out of state and their oldest daughter, Cortney, had her tonsils removed recently. I’d been so busy with dad, I felt bad for not checking on her more often. I was thinking I should probably make a plan to go and make sure they were doing okay; or maybe take them to lunch. 

I was lost in thought when I got a text from Amanda; it simply read, “Help me”.

I jumped up out of the chair in panic! This is what transpired in the text couple of minutes: 

Me - (almost screaming): Jeff, we need to go - get up! Amanda just text me and somethings wrong!

Jeff: What is it? What did she say?

Me - (putting on my shoes): I don’t know! She just text “Help me”; Come on! Let’s go! 

Jeff - (still sitting there with no visible plan to move): Just call her, 

Wanda, and ask her what’s wrong! There’s no sense in driving all the way out there until you know what’s going on! 

Me - (quickly calling Amanda): I’m almost afraid to call - if she could talk on the phone - she wouldn’t have text - she would have called! Something bad is happening! The phone is ringing… 

Amanda - (sleepily): Hello.

Me - (excitedly): What’s wrong?!

Amanda - (puzzled): What? What do you mean?

Me - (incredulously): You just text and said, “Help me” - what’s going on?

Amanda - (amused): You just text ME and asked what song Sydney was singing. She was singing, “Help Me”. 

Me - (embarrassedly laughing): Oh wow! That was like thirty minutes ago. I forgot I had even text you. You need to answer my text in full sentences! You scared me to death!

I hung up after a few minutes of chatting and checked my phone… it had literally been less than a minute between the two texts. 

The “Help Me” text gave us all a good laugh; right when we needed something to lighten the moment. We laughed every time we shared it with someone visiting dad. It was a totally hilarious moment. 

Dad didn’t get well. He passed away a couple of months after that; but for a few moments - we laughed. 

Life isn’t always fun; but there will definitely be funny moments we can share. 

Life isn’t always perfect; but there will be always be perfect moments we can cherish. 

Romans 15:13 Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.