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1975... Thirty-three years ago. I was just a child and he was barely a man. We were so in love we could barely breathe. Walking down the aisle, I was the happiest girl in the world! I remember the little shotgun house we rented for $40.00 a month. Love kept us alive - literally - we were so poor! But God has blessed us... and blessed and blessed. On so many levels. Financially. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. We have three wonderful children... two beautiful daughters-in-love; five amazing grandchildren. A loving extended family that we are close to. A dynamic church family. Precious friends both near and far. Best of all, we're still together. We have each other and we are more in love now than ever. As we were standing on the balcony of our cruise ship in Alaska last week, my husband asked me if I ever dreamed I would be sailing the Pacific in such luxury. I answered honestly, "No". I am living a life that I never even dreamed of. I didn't know how to imagine