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Be Brave!

Be Brave My heart was pounding in my ears. As my surgeon carefully explained the biopsy and breast cancer diagnosis I was facing;  my mind was exploding with questions - but my mouth could not form words. The options were petrifying; but  the treatment frightened me more than the disease!   Should I have a mastectomy? Would radiation be enough?   Fear of the unknown threatened to swallow me. Decisions only I could make - had to be made. And so; another surgery was scheduled - followed by 33 radiation treatments. Would you like to know the best decision I made that day? I made up my mind, that  cancer would not win! I chose to defeat fear with knowledge.   I set out to learn everything I could about cancer.   How did I get cancer?   Was surgery and radiation the best treatment?   Was I at risk for other cancers?   Were there treatment options besides surgery, radiation and chemotherapy?   What about Holistic and Alternative Medicine? Where could I find Naturopathic advice?   My first da