Monday, February 11, 2013


I woke up to cheerful birds singing this morning and remembered 

an entry in my Gratitude Journal several years ago... 

so I dug it out and decided to share it here.

Today I am thankful for seasons - I love them all!
I can never decide which is my favorite - Winter, Spring or Fall - 
Oh maybe Summer in its radiance - toasting, melting, sweet -
I enjoy the lazy evenings and walking in bare feet.
But then the first fall morning dawns with a hint of crispness in the air
and I'm sure I'd move to "Autumn" if I could make my residence there!
The brilliant leaves and shrubs - the pumpkins and scarecrows -
Fall festivals and candied apples - Tom Turkey - but don't you know...
It happens late one autumn night - the temperature drops way down
and old Jack Frost shows up to quietly paint the town. 
Then I'm hooked - 'cause Winter's come and brought the Christmas Spirit!
Oh yes, this season is so grand, with coats and hats and mittens!
Fudge and friends and fruitcake show up at every door
To put the coffee on and sit awhile is the very best solution!
The gifts - the glitz and then its time for New Year's Resolutions...
If we're lucky it will snow at least one time before the green buds show.
And then one morning you awake with a whistle - the birds are singing 
Spring is springing! 
Spring - thank God for the wonder... New life everywhere above and down under.
Nests and webs, sprouts and perfume - from the zillions of trees and flowers in bloom.
Oh yes, thank God for seasons! I love them each and every one!
And thank God for Family - and Friends - and for Fun!