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Service with a Smile

Everybody needs a hero!  My family and I are blessed to live in a community rich in hero heritage! We should never forget to thank these incredible men and women for their service.  But what about us?  Wouldn’t YOU like to save the day for once? We can!  Even if we are not in the military, a public servant or a first responder; we can all be of service to our family and community. Without signing a contract or a legal agreement; you can make a difference today.  S - SAY THANK YOU       If someone holds the door for you - smile, and say, “Thank You”. E - ENCOURAGE Throughout your day, when you see someone making an effort; smile and tell them they are doing a great job.  R - RESPECT If you see a funeral procession or an emergency vehicle on the highway;  carefully pull over and show respect to the situation, saying a prayer for all  involved, while you wait.   V - VALIDATE Give verbal acknowledgement to those you love and cherish. Smi