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Holy Pandi-mony - 2020

  Belle and Chase Kaui - LOVE>covid Holy Pandi-mony The girl - the guy.   The sparks - they fly! They date - they mesh! The ring! The dress! The date. The colors. The maids. The flowers! The music. The cake. The favors made. Yes, all was chosen   Plans were set. And then   Coronavirus hit! The courthouse closed for days on end Their April date came rushing in! No license? You’re kidding! No more than 10 at the wedding? The love they felt for one another Made all this chaos just one small hurdle. While everyone thought; “They could just wait” The girl - the guy They weren’t dismayed. So in the breeze They said “I do” They walked the parking lot And all horns blew As friends in cars Cheered and cried When the handsome groom Kissed the beautiful Bride. COVID-19 You’ve made a mess. But even you can’t stop. A bride in her dress! In early April, we were still very limited and unfamiliar with all of the COVID-19 restrictions. Undaunted by each new ruling, this young couple made the decisio