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Forever - My Sissy... Patricia June Nelson

There are moments in time that will forever be etched in my heart and memory. March 10, 2019, encapsulates one of those moments. Preceded by ten days of a thousand other memories that will both comfort and haunt that particular web of time, frozen in my memory.  "She's gone", the voice said softly. I honestly cannot even remember which family member's voice was on the other line. But I can remember the feeling that enveloped the car I was in, on that dark night... the gut wrenching sob that ripped from my throat... the vacuum that sucked me into a place I had never been. My sissy was gone. I was not by her side when she breathed her last breath, but she took with her a piece of my heart. A part of me that I have difficulty living without.  Her Love is one of my earliest memories. She was ten when I was born, so she spoiled her baby sister a little.   We shared so much, in our 59 years together.  My  Kindergarten and her High School shared a cafeteria