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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Remember the story? Sleeping Beauty's wicked queen-stepmother posed a question every morning to her magic mirror. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Who's the fairest of them all?" Her hungry ego craved hearing the daily affirmation of the mirror. "You, oh Queen... you are the fairest in all the land!" Affirmation. Now, that's a gnawing need of many a fair lady (and gent, I might add). I recently read, and recommend, the book by John and Staci Eldridge, "Captivating". These authors attest that we all are born with questions that drive us. Girls want to know, "Am I lovely? Do you see me? Do you want me? Am I captivating?" (The book for guys by the same author, is "Wild at Heart" - boys want to know, "Am I Enough?") After a bit of study, I realize why - with our innate need for affirmation - the enemy starts in the mirror. On most days, he has us defeated before we leave our bathroom. Unsafe people have answered our c