Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Third Dimension: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

The Third Dimension: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

"The Girl Nobody Sees"

(This is the last post in a series of four on this subject)

This girl hides deep within your pain. Her image has been emblazoned into the core of your being by the people you love the most.
She may occasionally show her face as:
As I mentioned in my first post in this Mirror, Mirror Series; the authors John and Staci Eldridge, in their book entitled, "Captivating", believe that every little girl is born with these questions burning in their soul... "Am I lovely? Do you see me? Do you want me? Am I captivating?"   
Unfortunately, many times the people we love are themselves dysfunctional or unsafe people. When they are the ones giving the answer to our questions – we get confused.
     We interpret this by feeling one of two ways...
  • I'm not enough (disappointment)
  • I'm too much (overwhelming)
This is wrong programming. Wrong information is dumped into our brain and we accept it as truth. When we begin to look to “people” to identify and validate us… we are setting ourselves up for failure.
I recently plugged my phone into the charger - well... I thought I was plugging it into its charger. Actually I had grabbed the cord to my Bluetooth. Immediately a message came on the screen of my phone that intrigued me... It read, "Wrong Power Source". 

     When we turn to people to meet our needs or 
     to fulfill our lives - they are incapable. No wonder
     we end up feeling let down, depressed and 
     devastated. We're plugged in to the wrong 
     power source!

Only Jesus can meet these needs!
Husband can’t – momma can’t – kids can’t – career can’t – not even our THERAPIST can!

The result of all this pain - is a WOUNDED SPIRIT. Burying this pain can cause bitterness and bitterness will poison your spirit and destroy your soul.

Proverbs 18:14 The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear 
Hebrews 12:15
Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;  
A root wraps around other roots and when it is pulled up it affects all the plants growing around it. Bitterness affects everyone in our lives.

Okay... so what to do about it? I don't want to just point out the problem without pointing you towards the solution.

The key to healing a wounded spirit is forgiveness.

I recently learned these four steps of forgiveness. Pray through these steps and allow God to see the Girl That Nobody Sees. Release her pain and receive healing.

  1. Forgive and release –  tell God WHAT happened. Call 
      names. Re-live the pain again… then release it. (From this 
      moment I forgive and release this resentment, hatred and 
      bitterness against ________. I release all feelings of anger, 
      helplessness and hopelessness because they no longer 
      serve me on my spiritual journey.)
   2. Ask God to forgive the person who wounded you. – Acts  
       7:59-60 Stephen prayed,"Lay not this sin to their  
       charge…"   Jesus prayed, "Father forgive them…"   
       Now... take it a step farther and ask God to not only      
       forgive them, but to forget it, and never make these 
   people pay for their actions. 
3. Forgive yourself – verbally (abortion, molestation, 
    adultery, fornication, poor choices) 

    (As of this moment, I forgive myself for __________ and I 
    release all resentment I have held against myself for this 
4. Forgive God – for allowing the pain, hurt, injury. 
    (molestation, rape, abuse, death of a child) 
    (God, although you knew what was happening to me - 
     and you did nothing to intervene - I forgive You and I 
     accept what happened as Your divine purpose for 
     my life. I trust that You felt it was necessary for me to 
     become the person You desire me to be.)

Look within that mirrored glass,
Look through the failures in your past
Look beyond your hair and eyes
Look behind your alibis
Don’t let this day grow into years
You mustn’t live up to your fears
Dreams unborn, hopes unspoken,
Tears un-cried, will unbroken
Unsung songs, books unwritten
Unsaid words, withheld forgiveness
It’s “Clear your heart time”
Unleash your wisdom
Abundant Life is HOW you live it
Set her free! She’s your best friend.
She’s the one – you hide within.
wwc - 1998