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The Power of Two

Two is an interesting number. Its the only Even Prime number. (Remember prime numbers?  A number that can only be divided by itself and 1).   Its so cool how God gave us two of a bunch of things. Two arms to hug with. Two legs to walk in the right direction. Two  eyes so we can see the beauty and love around us - t wo  ears so we can hear whats going on from any direction.  Oh yes, one is the loneliest number,  but TWO! Well -  Its sort of romantic! Just think of all the idioms about "two"... Two peas in a pod Bicycle built for Two  It takes Two to tango Two heads are better than one (Well… actually - anything  with  two heads is kind of weird) Okay, so I have to admit -  "Two" isn’t always so romantic! There’s the terrible Twos There’s my Two cents Two left feet And Two way streets Two sides to every story You know - Two can play the same game You can take someone down a peg or Two There’s Two-timers and  Two-faced people  A