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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Poor little drummer boy.
I know how you feel
I've shopped til I dropped
For gifts to appeal
I found just the right thing
But found out he had it
So back to the mall
I'll have to return it
What can I wrap?
What gift will give merit?
What can I buy?
What really says it?
Would it be different
If I had lots of money?
Or would my gift still seem small
Insignificant and puny?
Those that I love
Deserve more than a gift
Purchased and wrapped
"To You from Me" on it.
If they heard me say somber
Like the little boy drummer
"I have no gift to bring"
Would they smile like the savior?
If I played them a song
Of my love and devotion
And let my love go
Like the wind on the ocean
With nothing to hold it
No paper or ribbons
Just my eyes and my heart
And the moments I give them...
- Wanda Chavis - Dec. 2006 -

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