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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well, so much for daily blogging. As soon as I got the blog set up my account got locked. I guess it was some sort of protection - but they had to review my site and make sure I'm not using it for spam??? Anyway, here I am, neck deep in the "hurry up, its almost Christmas" mode. Yes, I am one of those folks that need more than 365 days to get ready for the BIG day. I have done better this year than others, but nonetheless I have a few things left to do before I can say that I am "ready". I absolutely LOVE the holidays! The decorations, the music - it all still fascinates me! I am still a child at heart. I cannot WAIT! I have already let my grandbabies open presents. Its just too much anticipation! Giving is one of the most gratifying things I have ever experienced. It saddens me that Christmas has become such a stressful time for families that feel like its all about how much they'll have to spend. Its not all about monetary gifts... but the spirit of giving is beautiful. Give a compliment. Give someone your place in line. Give a smile. Give hugs. Give someone a phone call that hasn't heard from you in a while. Give an invitation to Christmas dinner at your house. Give Love. Give forgiveness. Give acceptance. Give up that parking space to the person waiting behind you. It IS more blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE! Be blessed... GIVE!

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