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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What is "Normal"?

Well, life is getting back to "normal"... whatever that is. I'm feeling better - soreness is gone - energy is returning - and life goes on. My beautiful life... my hectic life... goes on. God has been so good to me and He is patiently teaching me strange and wonderful things. He has sent people into my life to encourage me - instruct me - pamper me... He is loving me through His people...through the body of Christ. The sad thing is, I never realized how uncomfortable I am with "receiving" until now. Allowing people to minister to me feels so awkward; but I'm learning. God is beyond genius - and while He has pulled me aside for a season - He is developing others that would have never stepped up if I had continued to be strong. I am learning that my independent spirit has a root of pride in it and it is not very becoming. My "I'll do it myself" attitude has little to do with humility and a lot to do with lack of patience. And so, I am being schooled by a gentle teacher. Some days I make the grade and other days I flunk out, but nevertheless, I will finish the course! I will keep the Faith. I am confident that every test that comes my way will have a worthy lesson for me. That's how He does it - the test first - followed by the lesson. Old school.

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"Phoebe's Sister" (a.k.a. mjk to my friends) said...

Just thinking about you and checked out the blogsite for recent news. Glad I did, because as I read your comments, I recalled a song you used to sing. Can't find all the words for the verses, but the chorus goes...

"God is my refuge
A strong and mighty tower
That I can run into
God is my refuge
Without Him, what would I do?"

And part of the verse...
"He knows the path that I take."

Much love and prayers