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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Grateful Heart

Its Thanksgiving week and I have loads of things to do - however, I've chosen to pause the preparations and voice my gratefulness. I am thankful for my family. My parents are my heroes and the best role models any girl could hope for. I am thankful they are still with us this holiday - maybe not in perfect health... but definitely "well" and in good spirits! If I can become half the person they believe I am... I'll be one awesome woman. They have always been my number one cheering section. They have helped me to believe that nothing is impossible for me if God is in it. My sisters and my brother are so precious to me. We will all be together this week and I feel like a little girl on my way to Grandma's house! We have so much fun together - especially with all of our wild and wonderful children and grandchildren.
This year has been different. Storms have raged in my family's life. My sister's youngest daughter committed suicide; and yet peace reigns. Cancer knocked on my very own door - but I sent Jesus to answer it - and all is well. So as the Thanksgiving plans unfold, I have to stop and say "Thank you, Lord Jesus, for my wonderful family... my husband and children... my health and strength... and for all your many blessings on us all." With family, friends - and most importantly - Jesus... what else could a girl ask for? I am blessed - and grateful for my wonderful life.

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