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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Who's in charge of us grandparents?

2007! Wow... My life seems to have shifted into fifth gear and is literally speeding by. My baby will be 23 in a few days... My oldest son turns 30 this year. Am I old enough for these things to be happening to me? Has anyone considered that I may not be mature enough to have five grandchildren? What if I am too silly? What if I'm doing this all wrong. Shouldn't I be more sophisticated by now? Isn't there some sort of protocol I should have been taught? I don't know. I just think that I'm having way too much fun. I don't see anyone else smiling fondly at me; saying, "You're such a cute mawmaw" but that's what Cortney says. No one else wants to spend Sundays with me, but Elijah does. No one else squeals and runs to embrace me EVERY time they see me... but Logan does. I don't know why Sydney likes the song I sing to her... no one else gurgles and coos when I sing it over and over again. Juliana can't tell me why she likes that noise I make when I kiss her, but she laughs out loud when I do it. OK. Isn't this supposed to be where I start feeling older? I'm a grandmother. Shouldn't I start acting like an adult soon? Who monitors us grandparents and makes sure we're meeting the standard? Well, I don't know if I'm doing this right... but I'm sure having fun! I hope no one rats on me and sends the grandparent police to curtail my activities! Oh yeah... Happy New Year everyone out there in blog land!

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Anonymous said...

OK! You make me want to skip parenthood and go right on into grandparenting. I’m sitting here gearing up for school work and coordinating activities of importance/relevance for the children to do in the next few weeks. I think I'm on my third cup of coffee and the laundry needs attention. Analyzing my skills is a daily thing for me and I can't find any manual except the Bible, along with other helps and examples to encourage me. What's really bad is when someone tells me I'm doing something wrong I'm quick to take offence, and watch out if I’ve had a trying day. Bad way to live, I know. I need more dose of the Holy Ghost I guess.
Anyway, I realize that each child is not born with an owner’s manual but it sure would've helped in understanding each of their personalities, after I figure out my own. Now, as I 'age' it becomes more imperative to view each child with tenderness and kindness, preferring them waayyyy before ANY of my needs or wants. I'm not insinuating spoiling, but rather sharing the laughter, the joy, the wonderful surprises, and creating memories as a top priority, as we weave God's divine plan and word into their hearts.
With this all in mind I’m learning to say ‘get over it’ more (to myself) and ‘learn to live a little’. Could God be preparing me for grandparenting? I hope it doesn’t come too soon for the children’s well being and for peace of mind.
I’m not going to clue you this time of who I am, but I have a feeling you could point me out. I feel like using the pen name my great-great grandmother used to use.