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Friday, January 5, 2007

Satisfaction of Accomplishment

There are not many things in life that bring true satisfaction. For me accomplishing a task that has been hanging over my head ranks right up there with "Death By Chocolate Dessert" in the satisfaction category. I am a list maker and I love the gratification I feel when I can truly mark something off my "to do" list as DONE! After working all week on several projects I was able to scratch them off my list tonight, because I FINISHED them! They're complete! Of course I still have a page full of other things to work on next week; but just knowing that I accomplished several important projects this week is so gratifying! I have been thinking a lot this week about the things Jesus went through before His death. All the suffering... the betrayal... it was all necessary so that WE could use His life and His reactions to life as our example. (How do we treat someone who betrays us? Just look at how Jesus treated Judas and Peter.) And then, His last words before He died. IT IS FINISHED. The pain was finished. The teaching was finished. The suffering was finished. The questions were finished. It was over. Jesus must have felt such an enormous amount of gratification at that moment, as He gasped His last words. It is finished. His Earth Project was over. It was back to the heavenlies now... back to immortality... back to the Spirit... I love it that He allows us to experience small moments of gratification. Small measures of satisfaction. I don't know about you, but it helps me understand - in my own small way - how He may have felt for one brief moment.


Charlotte Wholters said...

Momma C,

I enjoyed reading all your entries and I'm so impressed to see you have your own blog! I was just talking to James the other day about how organized you are and here's yet more proof. :)

I miss and love you very, very much! You're in my prayers.


Marjorie Kinnee said...

Enjoyed the pictures, toured the church website, read your articles and poem with interest and love what I saw and read. Kudos to you and to all you're endeavoring to do for the Kingdom's sake. Spring Lake will always bring up good memories for me.

Be blessed with the best!