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Monday, January 22, 2007

January Joys

Just plodding along through the first month of the year. I was hoping that I would be a more frequent blogger... but maybe I'll get better at it. This year our church theme is "Revival of Passion" - something God has been dealing with me about for a while now. Passion is so vital to success. If you really LOVE something and BELIEVE... it shows. Music has always been an important part of my life, however, for several years I have not been as involved as I once was. For at least five years, I had not had the burden of the music dept. on me, since my son and daughter-in-law were the Music Ministers. I still enjoyed singing and playing the organ, but I didn't really learn much new music, since I depended on the kids to do all of that. Well... God has put me back in the drivers seat - the kids are evangelizing now - and I am once again having to search for music... learn songs... teach choir parts, etc. I have gone into this "kicking and screaming" - complaining all the way... telling God how I just didn't have time to devote to music right now. Sunday night I realized that God is "reviving" my passion for music. I am starting to enjoy it again - and feel my musical creativity coming alive again. I know that I have been lazy in this area for so long that it will take me a while to get to where I need to be... but I really "want" to now. Anything I do, I want to do it RIGHT and with PASSION! I want to put my whole heart into it and I pray that it is pleasing to God. I am not a professional... or a perfectionist - I don't read music - I've never had lessons - so I know that I may never be completely polished - but if "I" know I am doing my best and giving my all... I believe God will be pleased with me. And that is my lifelong passion... to honor Jesus Christ in all I do! TaTa...

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