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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Baby's Birthday

Today my "baby" turns 23 years old. Twenty three years ago he and I came very near to death. Thanks be to God and doctors, we both survived. However, I will never forget the trauma and the drama... Kyle wasn't due to arrive until the end of January, but he went into fetal distress while I was hooked up to a monitor at my Dr.'s Office. Coincidence? NO... I know that God had his hand on Kyle even then. Things went very wrong during an emergency c-section, and I wound up in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for three days. But prayer was made... and here we are - 23 years later - with God still protecting, providing, intervening and guiding! My children have enriched my life so incredibly. I was a baby having babies... and I'm sure I made many mistakes while trying to raise them... but God's promises are sure and His word will never fail. I am blessed. My children are blessed. Kyle is still my baby. Still single, living at home. Its exciting to know God has a master plan for his life. He is special... anointed and chosen. Thank you Jesus, for sparing Kyle's life and for allowing me to live to see him turn 23! You are amazing!

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