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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Faithful Friend!

No cancer in the lymph nodes! What a relief to hear those words yesterday from my doctor. Which reminds me of one of my favorite treasures. Words. The most powerful force on earth. A mere word can change your life. Your heart. A single word. Think about it. Cancer. Clear. Goodbye. Accepted. Declined. Words... I have such a respect for them. Words can transport you - deflate you - immerse you - deliver you. If all my words were taken from me and I could only have one word - one word alone... that word would be ... Jesus. Talk about a word changing the atmosphere... that one word can change situations - lives - people! Immediately! I know I'm one of the privileged. I not only know this word... I know the meaning of the word. I know Who owns this word as His name. Wow. Know what else? This Jesus... He's my best friend - my faithful friend. Clear. Clear nodes. Uh-huh... that's what I'm talking about!


Anonymous said...

I love You!!!!


Carolyn said...

Dear Sister Chavis,
I can hear you up here in New York. That's the best news I have heard in a long time.
I used to teach my children to talk to God by talking to their shoulder when they needed to talk out in public where they couldn't kneel .Silly I know. I made a game out of it for them.
I told them that not everyone talks to God. That people don't know him. But you do . The more talking the more listening. The more listening the more understanding. The more understanding the more you know. So ! keep talking. He is listening. So is everyone else.
Love you. Miss you. I call you friend.