Monday, April 30, 2018

GPS - God's Positioning System

I'll admit - as I age - I have become directionally challenged. 
I used to be a great map reader - and trip-route planner. But then - technology came along and made my life simpler. 
I no longer have to remember how to get anywhere - I just push a couple of buttons - and my car navigation system takes over. 

"In 6.8 miles use the left lane to merge onto SC-9 South toward North Myrtle Beach." (ahhh... I love the beach!)
Consistent reminders keep me on track even when my mind wanders off - as I'm chattering to a passenger - or listening to an audiobook or podcast.
I always panic a bit when I hear - "In 700 feet turn right onto Main Street."

700 feet? How far is that? Is this the street? 
No - it says I have 400 more feet to go!
And this is the important turn! If you miss this one - you may have to go miles to turn around! 

(Thank God for my Apple watch that actually vibrates on my arm at the exact moment I'm supposed to turn - saving me from a panic attack in 100 feet!)

Living for God is much like this. 
We KNOW our destination is Heaven. But this journey is quite complicated at times. We don't see the full route map - or we could actually PLAN what we're going to do and where we're going to spend the next 20 years of our life. 
Sometimes we THINK we know - and we put down roots - buy a house and a dog. Then God says... 
"For the next 5 years, live in limbo and try to act like you're happy, content and in control."

Actually, all we need to do is pay attention and listen to His turn-by-turn directions. 

"In 2 minutes, ask the lady at the cash register if she is having a blessed day. No matter what her answer is, tell her you believe that she is valuable and her life and influence matter. Flash a genuine smile and continue walking to your car to load your groceries."

Wait - shouldn't I palm her head - and speak in tongues - and invite her to church? 


Follow God's voice. Listen and obey. If He says speak, speak. If He says pray, pray. Don't speak if He's only told you to pray. 

Now, remember, just as an accurate GPS requires a constant and strong connection to the Global Positioning Satellite system to keep you from ending up in "unidentified areas" - God's Positioning System requires constant and strong connection.

I have actually waited until I arrived in an unfamiliar area to turn on my car's navigation system!

"Uh-oh. Where am I? Which way do I go at this intersection?" 
Not a great idea when you've got traffic bottle-necking behind you!

Every day - when you get ready to start your journey... before you step out of your bedroom - turn on that spiritual navigation system. Make sure the signal is strong!

"Lord Jesus, order my steps today. Guide my feet. Order my tongue! Lead me in the direction You want me to go and put me in contact with the people You want me to connect with. If at any time today You decide to change my direction, You have my permission to do so! Re-route me. Send me on a detour. Just lead me all day long in the direction that brings You Glory and fulfills Your Purpose in my life!" 
In Jesus Name!

Happy travels!

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